I Am Heaven

I am heaven.
You know me for my brilliant eternity
Boundless horizons
Shimmering sunsets
And beautiful cascade of love.
My mother is Life.
She makes you laugh
And sings a passionate song
To all of those who forget me.
My father is Death.
He dances with the old
The sick and depressed
And helps them to see
My light through the tunnel.
I was born in the rapid heartbeat
Of every delicate infant.
My best friend is Joy
Because she longs for laughter
And brings love to those
Who need it the most.
My enemy Sorrow
Because he disheartens the brave
The happy and the caring.
I fear to be forgotten or
Regarded with dread.
I love to help the lost
Finally find their way.
I wish to be a place
Everyone desires to go.

Aubrey McClure

by Aubrey McClure

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