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I Am Her Voice!

I am little
I don't weigh much
I wonder if I'm wanted
I don't feel as such

No one cares for me
This I'm sure
Cause my mommy
I don't know her

I once was protected
By my mommies hand
Now I'm scared
Of this scary man

I can't speak out
For the hurt I feel
The pain goes away
But my heart won't heal

What have I done?
Someone please say
I can't help
They married that day

I'm so alone
Inside I cry
I just want love
Do I have the right?

I'm in a black box
That is how I feel
The world goes by
And mine stands still

Right now I'm only 4
But I wonder when I get older
Will I want to live?
Will the world be colder?

I never had a choice
I was never ask
To be abused
And mentally attacked

He's not my daddy
And he'll never be
I could never love someone
Who doesn't love me

My mommies in question
Why would she leave me here?
In this black box
And all this fear

I try to be good
Sometimes I think I am
Only to be told
Give me your hand!

The physical part
I'm learning to block out
It's the hole inside
It's all about

My little black box
Please, don't take that, too
That's where I hide
When I hide from you

As my body grows
There''ll be more pain
Always with the storm
Comes more rain

I have no voice
No one will listen
I'm too little
To get their attention

I don't know for sure
If anyone can hear
But dear God its me
Can you wipe my tear?

I hope you remember me
I once was yours
You sent me to mommy
Now I am 4

I'll make this short
I'm sure you don't have much time
Will you tell him and mommy?
I am but a child

Tell them I'm sorry
For the day of my birth
If I could change
I'd leave this earth

I'd come live with you
If you would allow
Please, Please, Jesus!
Can I? Can I? Can I now?

I guess I'm done
I'll let you go
So you can help others
That deserves you so

In my little black box
I sit and I wait
Whats wrong with me?
He won't hear what I say~

Listen and Listen careful!
I AM the Great I AM!
My little child
My little lamb

Not many times
I'll repeat my word
So all better listen
Listen to be heard!

This is my child
In whom I love
From this day forward
No more will I hear of

I am her voice!
A voice you better heed!
This little girl
Is broken and in need

Her very soul
I placed in your care
To love and to protect her
To be my hand, and be fair

To teach her of me
With a loving hand
For I am her protector
On my word I stand

If you've read my word
You know the children I bid come
Not just a few
Not just some

I've gave my word
You already know all about
So why do I stand here?
Is my word in doubt!

Once more I say
I am her voice!
When you speak to her
You don't have a choice

She belongs to me
I only gave her in your care
To love and protect her
And always be there

No more will she hide
From your very hand
I AM her voice!
And your only man!

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Maya Angelou

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WOW! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! this poem, myLady, Im absolutly awstruck.........No scale can mesure its' worth.....