I Am Here

Poem By Tom Billsborough

"Chacun en soi et son ami vivra" Louise Labé

I am here and you are there
And you are here and I am there
As each to each the other moves
Constant as the murmuring waves
Breaking in soliloquies
Upon a silent shore,
The sea and sand together and apart
Yet always touching as you touch my heart.
For I am here and you are there
It matters not how far the where.
Each to each the love shall move
Since you are here and I am there.

Comments about I Am Here

What a dive you took into this beautiful poem. I can still see the splash. Beautiful!
here and there there and here whirling the love as the air ..........// beautiful poem penned and shared; I enjoyed it
Together and apart we are aware.
Tom, I love how deftly you have captured the soft movement, the quietly repeating rhythm of a gentle sea. A delightful piece, and you have inspired me to become acquainted with this poet. Thank you for sharing your scholarly art with us; your work definitely inspires and enriches this forum. Be blessed, my friend.
I am again visiting this poem after reading it in Bri Edwards October show-case.I immediately recognized this extremely beautiful poem.I am going to keep it in my favorite poem list.

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