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Something I Look At-50


You love me
I love you too
Our love is unconditional
We feeleach other's feelings
We sense each other's needs
You are in me and I am in you
That is our love and bonding
Nothing but pure love in between

I will be made a man
But you will remain a child forever,
hardly affected by the change in time.
For you nothing matters
It is love and love all the way
From your first breath to the last
Your object of love is the same
Your priorities never change with the
Changing need of time and circumstances,
Whims and caprices
But I doubt whether my
Love for you will be the same

You are true to yourself,
Always there for me
To sacrifice every bit you have.
But man is a man,
Never full and complete
As you are.

My priorities keep on changing,
So is my definition of love,
Its language and chemistry.
I can't love you the same way
You love me
My rational mind and naked
Self-interest come in the way

I do not want to be a man.
With all my incompleteness,
Limitations and rational reasonings,
Let me remain a child at heart
To reciprocate the feeling of
Someone who really loves,
To have the beauty of its love
In all its colours,
To live and in love with it


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What a dive you took into this beautiful poem. I can still see the splash. Beautiful!
here and there there and here whirling the love as the air ..........// beautiful poem penned and shared; I enjoyed it
Together and apart we are aware.
Tom, I love how deftly you have captured the soft movement, the quietly repeating rhythm of a gentle sea. A delightful piece, and you have inspired me to become acquainted with this poet. Thank you for sharing your scholarly art with us; your work definitely inspires and enriches this forum. Be blessed, my friend.
I am again visiting this poem after reading it in Bri Edwards October show-case.I immediately recognized this extremely beautiful poem.I am going to keep it in my favorite poem list.
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