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I Am Here
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

I Am Here

I came back
This used to be my spot, it became our spot
I'm here again, but now it's just me, it's you I lack
I wonder
And I ponder
I miss you a lot
But I guess I shouldn't see you
It'd be bad for you if you saw me too
Bad for us both, things should just stay
Stay as they are
We should stay as we are- apart
I don't want to keep you far
But I will, you made your decision, now I pay
I have to... I have to for you, it hurts my heart
I didn't think I'd still miss you after all this time
I never could see myself coming back here to pine
But I guess I did
I don't regret anything
I just came here to say... I am here
This is my spot now my dear
Sometimes goodbye is forever. That's why I hid
Goodbye is forever, I pray you forget the sting.

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