I Am Here To Stretch, Grow And Bloom!

I do not walk in your shadow.
Or idolize your humanness.
Nor do I wish for things you possess,
From my ancestors' treasure chest!
Your quest to defeat my presence...
Only diminishes your own.
Your look upon me with the same eyes I've got.
The same two feet I stand upon.
And a heart that beats God stops!
You are just but a twig,
On the same branch I live!
I am grounded from the same tree of life.
Without its roots...
Neither one of us would exist!
Unfortunately you are the one,
Apparentally not aware of this!
And I do not intend...
To let my experience given,
Begin to rot from within!
I am here to stretch, grow and bloom!
And you will not block from me the Sun.
I knew what it is you were and was not...
From day one!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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