Madam ''X''

You are queen of my kingdom.
You are key of my freedom.

You are love my heart.
You are dew of my desert.

You are sun of my sky
You are source of my joy

You are light of my darkness
You are object of my weakness

You are subject of my poetry
You are the best among all beauty

You are dream of my night
You are cotton of my kite.

You are wave of my sea
You are sugar of my tea

You are flower of my garden
You are moon of my heaven

You are tune of my song
You are word of my tongue

You are murmurs of my river
You are perfume of my flower

You are lotus of my pond
You are logo of my brand

You are picture of my imagination
You are target of my destination

You are engine of my train
You are function of my brain

You are story of my success.
You are cause of my madness.

You are stone of my hill
You are power of my will

You are motion of my life
Would you like to be my wife?

by Narayan Chandra Samal

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If I may - I would like to send you a very large hug, for your pain and emotion captured in your poem. Emotional pain can be so disabling and unlike a physical pain - such as a headache it cannot be cured just by throwing a pain killer tablet at it! So a Hug was the next option. (Hope you dont mind) From another human in this life that has experienced this pain.
Thank you,747. Well, I am older and suppose to be wiser. Letting go and admitting what is there...comforts. To a certain degree. But it does not diminish the affect. Not at all.