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I Am, I Am, More Than A Tree;
EM ( / Walanae, Hawaii, USA)

I Am, I Am, More Than A Tree;

Poem By Esther Miles

Tho's a tree be as equal as me;
As it keeps "tranquilities" consistency;
It be more than me.
I am, I am, more than a bird
Yet a bird has wings to soar;
In tranquil delight;
More than me, indeed he be, more than me.
More than a breeze, a fleeting cloud;
More than the all by the added mold;
Called intelligence, yet be not whole;
'Til I grasp in the stillness perfect sight!
This school called ignorance with consequence;
Or humanly blind inside and outside;
Control or controlled like a pillar stands;
More than a mountain, rainbows arch.
Lo, and behold a kind hands touch'
Perceived now broadens living sparks;
A vehicle I be sighted instantaneously;
While being used through divinity.
Controlled into freedoms' priority;
Soaring flamed in the "we are";
Receiving abundant gracious love;
In fullness clothed in our house from heaven be!
We be, we be, more than a mountain's peak;
Where clouds help it play hide and seek;
As sun peeps through blue skies;
In shaded hues, indeed they be more than we!
We be, we be, more than the oceans roar;
Through crested waves seas colors interplay;
Splendored in its masquerade;
Indeed, indeed, they be more than we!
We be, we be, part of this mystery;
'Til ignited in Christhood's glee;
Perceiving we be me with he and she;
Comes equality caressed in "Living Peace!"

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