I Am In So Deep

Poem By Jeff Law

The creased sheets are scattered over the floor
the remains of yesterday a memory from the night before
as my eyelids lift from the heaviest of weights
Sunlight strikes, and the darkness runs as the morning does awake

Her naked body concealed, her breast it lifts harmonizing as she breathes
I send a kiss of my affection it makes a gentle sigh as it leaves
As I lay my head down next to hers, I start to reminisce
And think back to how the situation has become like this

The relationship was hanging on a rope by a frayed knot
In understanding how to save it. Did I? I’m afraid not!
You let out a fragile sound and a smile it falls upon your face
I can’t help but hope that you’re dreaming of me, I wish I could join you in that place

The bitter thoughts that filled my imagination were tearing at the thread
We had walked so far together, but how much further could we tread
Your olive body it moves, from corner of eye your neck appears from cover
And I catch a glimpse, a smell of your fragrance of which there is no other

After I got evicted the heartstrings in my chest got complicated
Even though realization of my actions began, for you, you must be compensated
A noise erupts from the busy of outside, the silence has been broken
And then you whisper from your pillow the three most beautiful words spoken

A beat is skipped and I grasp for my breath as your tired eyes, I swim in their pools
They throw me under and down rapid waters and then I come floating right back to you
The faintest of whisper, shiver shoots up my spine
And in a slow and calm movement, an offer I cannot decline

Flavour which is so familiar, but every time it tastes better than before
Eyes open as you savour moment, make your way; I hear the footsteps on the floor
Walking back into your habitat, a hostile scene and I prepared to brace
I longed for us to be serious and I wanted to show this on my face

Threatened words they held me prisoner, captive in my cage
And a role-play recited in my conscience, told me how to behave
It taught me many lessons, laid the bricks for a path to help me lead the way
Some months have now passed from that bed and that day

I explain it as a cloud, full of grey and a mental block
If my vision was a golden eagle, this darkness has stolen it from my flock
I hear a distant sound of excited steps; to get my view back is quite an endeavour
And as if magic and the soul of the world had united in front of my eyes falls the goldest of feather

The bridge that had denied me had miraculously minused a brick
And this had caused a part of the barrier to crumble; now I stare into an abyss
But I can see the golden wings missing quill, as it floats gently towards the hollow in soul
A noise at my door and it creaks as it opens, my circle is not complete but your love makes it whole

And now I sit at my desk and I wish that I had not had my deadening
My writing is a part of me; if I lose it my mind becomes so threatening
As you walk into my presence and our eyes they dance like it is the last in their lifetime
I can now truly say after months of my agony, I am in so deep from morning till night time

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