CG (10/29/1924 / Honolulu Hawaii)

I Am Just A Cat

My dear Ann and Rich.
Whats all the cxcitement all about?

I decide to take a nap, find a safe hiding
Place no one knows where I am at,
A Precautious way to guarantee safety
From attack.

So whats all the fuss about, all running
Back and forth, making plans to hang up
Signs, did you see my cat!

I am just a cat, many priviledges do I have,
Sleep 16 hours every day.

Ann and Richard, you are my care-givers
Why can’t you see that?
responsible for all My behavior and all that.

Many demands I shall make, for the priveledge
Of being your favorite Kitty Kat.

charles garcia
Jan 10,2006

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this is just like my three cats I am always giving great poem cheers Sylvie