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I Am Just Another Rhymer
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I Am Just Another Rhymer

I am just another rhymer many decades past my prime
And some have even told me that I've penned too much rhyme
And that is their opinion and that too suits me fine
But their views on me is their business and their business cannot be mine.

I've penned rhymes about Nature and I've penned rhymes about life
Such as the abusive husband and the unfaithful wife
And the down and out and druggies and the homeless of poor street
Who sleep in factory doorways without blankets for bodily heat.

I've penned rhymes of birds and animals and of flower and bush and tree
And of the beauty in Nature every day I do see
I am now into my sixties my better days long gone
And I must be addictive for to keep on penning on.

I am happy when I'm rhyming since I am a rhyme buff
Leave the poets to write poetry I am happy to pen stuff
I penned my first doggerel more than three decades ago
I have a penning addiction and my rhymes in numbers grow.

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