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I Am Just
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I Am Just

I am just your average Killer i killed ten mosquitoes last night
Though many managed for to escape me and left me with many a nasty bite
For to lay their eggs my blood they had needed in a pond or an open tank of water nearby
Despite killing some they persisted and buzzing above me did fly
Some of them landed on my head and my face stole my blood and then buzzed away
They had their fill for to lay their eggs and hovering near me did not stay
Last night i killed ten mosquitoes whilst awake on my bed i did lay
But for each female mozzie that i did kill the price in bad karma i did pay
For i lay awake for a few hours just scratching my face and my head
And long after the mozzies the dark bedroom had departed i scratched and i turned on my bed,
I am just your average mozzie killer last night i think that i killed ten
But on the night i was the loser the mozzies they had a big win
For each mozzie that i disposed of the price in bad karma i did pay
With red spots on my bald head and on my face i suffer a little today.

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