River Of Red

To smile seems so hard,
When it’s only me, myself, and I.
No friends, family, nor strangers,
See the true me as they're walking by.

Inside is a raging stream,
Inner tears feed its flow.
Death is patently waiting,
I’m drowning in sorrow.

Saving myself isn’t possible,
I haven’t the strength you see.
My worth must be little,
Go away and let me be.

My end will not be a surprise,
Too many, I’m already dead.
Death comes without warning,
It flows a river of red.

by Mark Farmer

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Hey Chantel I love this poem! It is the best, you are such a great poem writer! Never give up on your writing! Remember that this poem will be in the newspaper hopefully! :) Love Nicole P.S. I had to become a member to write a comment, so i am going to post my poem if you don't mind!
i really like this poem and i think it is really good keep writing poems you are very talnented at that