NJC (18/2/71 / Jaipur, india)


As I sat here through my tears
I look back on all the years

Games we lost and won
The prom where we had so mch fun

Having fun with great laughter
We all lived happliy ever after

As I walked down the hall for the last time
realizing I never again here that tardy bell chime

Ditching school because we
were way too cool

I can never take back those days
and now is it to late to

Make an amends with
old best friends

For now I say, from today til forever
Goodbye to all that came my way.

by Katie Evans

Comments (2)

you may be maimed...but you must learn to live with love.......the reverberations of agony described in a magnificent style..
This poem brings out the emotions. Thanks for sharing.