I Am Me.

I am the needle in the haystack,
the crick in the floor,
the sound that you hear,
that begs you for more.
I am the taste on your lips,
the tear from your eye,
i am that unbound truth,
when you cant tell a lie.
I am that beat in your chest,
when your put to the test,
i am that tinglin feeling,
when your heart is arrest.
I am the bang of a bullet,
that flash from the gun,
the last man standin,
after the war is done.
I am a god amongst man,
an angel with horns,
i am that unbound feeling,
when your baby is born.
I am that burn in the ice,
the chill in the flame,
the cut in your arm,
so you can forget the pain.
I am the high from the drug,
the green in the bud,
im the one who took your shit,
and put your face in the mud.
Im the bell in the fight,
the target in sight,
im the fear in your eyes,
when your knuckles turn white.
Im the good in the bad,
the lonely and sad,
im that last 20 dollars,
that you wish you still had.
I am the pain from the start,
the ache in your heart,
that weakened feeling,
when your life falls apart.
I am the life that you lose,
the regrets when you choose,
the anger from the fight,
that left you your bruise.
I am the ground underneath,
the dirt in your feet,
the guy with your girl,
when she decides to cheat...
I am...me.

by Dave Gregory

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