I Am Me

Poem By Hopeless Heart

I’m crumbling from within
My minds in a continuous spin,
Round and around it goes
I’m great at hiding so no one knows

Sometimes it can be so hard
I don’t even know where to start,
Confusion engulfs me everyday
I’m running out of things to say

Soon enough I’m going to slip
And this string holding me up will rip,
I’ll tumble to the ground
And finally be found

Their pity and disappointment is shown
As I feel even more alone,
Over and over they scorn me
Why can’t they just let me be?

I just want them to leave me alone
And go back to their happy little homes,
Is that too much to ask?
Is it such a hard task?

No one can change me
Because this is how I want to be,
It may surprise you, but it’s true
I don’t want to be just like you

I am me
So leave me be.

Comments about I Am Me

Dear Heather, the poem is very good and in my opinion communicates the feelings so well and....being your self is the only thing thing to be that brings happiness, no point to try being someone elses idea of who you are, or should be. Tell all those doubts to shut up and live beautifully like your poetry. David

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