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I Am Me

I wanted to speak, but i had no voice.
I wanted to hear, but i had no ears.
I wanted to stand out, but i had no colour.
I wanted to write, but i had no mind.
I wanted to pray, but i had no soul.
Once, i was a shadow, a figure of imagination.
Today, i am me.
Now, i have a voice.
I have ears.
I have colour.
I have a mind.
I have a soul.
I am me.
Today, i am me.

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Comments (3)

I'm glad you found out who you are some people never find them self they just lose them and never find it.
Natalie, I'm glad that you are you. You are very inspiring, so keep writing, you're doing great! ! !
i really like how you wrote this Natalie. How you came out of your shell and decided to take control of your life. i enjoyed reading this