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I Am Me
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I Am Me

Poem By Charlotte L. Weeks

Now I could have been created an animal, why I could have been a tree - as
beautiful as a flower is. One could have been me - with the many facets in my wonderful life.
There could have many flower gardens growing that were me.
With all the turmoil in my life I could have been the ocean or the sea.
Oh, I’m grateful not any or all of these marvelous wonders upon this universe
of ours that I see is not me. I feel and know each and every infinite thing in
life that is beautiful is a part of me.
Yet as I have traveled through life there has been many injustices imposed upon me.
I haven’t lawyers chosen the right solutions you see,
but I have always came through swaying like the wind on the
tree, or rolling right on like the waves of the ocean and the seas. I’ve always
snapped back with this extra power of truth and positive commitment.
Feeling oh how good to be me.
Some how there has always been love, understanding, giving, forgiving, seeing,
being, and knowing, from inside. Why that’s just me. Now out there I don’t want
to be like your or no way you to be like me. I only want to be like the person
God gave the ability for me to choose to be.
I truly don’t know the person you know when you think you know me. I only
know myself as the person who is trying daily to be a friend to God and man.
To always have God be my best friend to me. Now I know it takes much care
and work to abolish manly thoughts that try to travel through me. I just want to
be a vessel where I enjoy to live and God always enjoys visiting there with me.
Now God in your infinite power and love, where ever you might be dwelling
or what ever you might choose to be. Would you answer this one question,
that is perplexing me! Did you ever choose to be me?
Now if your answer is yes! May I humbly say thank you to the many angels and
all of your spirits for having been so wonderful and loving each and every day.
And always allowing me to be just me.
The only person I know really know here upon our earth - is you God and me!

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