(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

I Am Me. I'M Matty

I’ve got this thing called autism
that can lock you up inside
but I am me, I’m Matty,
and I’m learning not to hide.

The state was slow to test me.
Mommy made them walk the line.
They said I might not talk
so mommy taught me how to sign.

There’s nothing slow about me.
Everywhere I go, I run.
I’m always on my tiptoes
and I flap my arms when I have fun.

I love climbing and pretending,
I know movies word for word,
and now that I have learned to talk
I repeat things till I’m heard

I’m just like any other boy
in many, many ways
but I like things to stay the same
so I won’t melt down today.

I have this thing called autism
but I am Matty. I am ME.
I’ll unlock my world inside
‘cause my mommy holds the key.

(For my grandson, Matthew. I love you, Matty)

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why is autistic life a conundrum. life feels overwhelming. unless i'm alone, in the place i call home. but oh yeah, that's just inside my mind. i always feel alone. but something from your poem grew. inside of me when i talked to you.
Written with all the love and compassion of a wonderful gramma. It is a testament to your humanity. Rusty
Beautifully done, C.J..Got me all teared up. Shannon
These children struggle to be accepted, so they need all the help we can give them and the support. Well written piece, and I wish your grandson all the very best in his endeavours. Love Ernestine XXX
having worked with people who have learning dissabilites including austism, i can read this poem with understanding and empathy.You have managed to summarise in such sweet positive words how those with Ausitsm think, and see the world. This is a poem with great insight which perfectly and more importantly positively descibes the ups and downs of those with Ausitsm. this really touched me. yours sincerely Vincent
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