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Loss, Lost, Lust

I was lost 6 months ago
It was lust that drove my soul
I couldn't controll...
what happened that night
What a loss I say to you
It wasn't love
but why not try something new?
Why judge someone you don't know?
Just open your mind and go with the flow
But no...
You had left so many words unspoken
I have questions, but your mind still isn't open
What a loss I say to you

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This poem explains the drug to a T
I knew the young woman that wrote the poem and in the version she wrote she did use the word hell
Thanks for sharing this compelling composition. Such a sad story and a powerful poem that can save lives.
A very powerful poem, one which too many will miss, ignore, or even laugh at. It is no laughing matter, I have seen some owned by their addiction (thankfully never meth) , they are all dead now. I have added this to my favorite poems list. Darla (usually I put a smile face here but this time) : (
When I'm finished with you, you'll be lucky to live. ....the poem doesn't make me feel that living is an eventual possibility.........i mean without returning to 'the master'. but for some people whose lives are (in their opinions at least) already worth less than most others, i can understand the allure of a mind/body altering drug experience, an escape from cruel reality. a very well done poem. i can't help but wonder if the author actually was a meth addict, or if she/he just wanted to get a message out to people. you, elena, are doing your part to get the message out though i don't imagine too many PH readers are susceptible to the meth temptation. maybe i'm being naive? as for the use of heck instead of hell/Hell? i think using heck, especially when the poem is pretty consistently a rhyming poem AND the last word of the previous line was/is tell, serves to emphasize the unspoken word, hell, and serves to help the poem linger in the readers' minds. thanks for sharing. i'll pass it along to MyPoemList. p.s. i have a nephew who has been involved with drugs (not sure which ones; also alcohol i believe has been abused) since his teen years and now is in his 30s. he has fathered four or five children (well, he donated the sperm to the womEn anyway; he may not ever have been much of a father) , has stolen from his parents (and others i'm sure) , and spent a lot of time in jail/prison. to speak to him (when he is sober) , one would think this guy sure is polite and speaks well. but, ya never know!
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