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I Am Missing You.

She asked,
Did you miss me?
I confess,
I longed to be near you without rest.
Though you were not here,
I spiritualy felt you in my chest.
You were the air of hope,
I was blessed enough to receive,
Giving me a sense of comfort,
Knowing you wouldn't leave,
As I hid amongst the trees,
Staying low to the ground,
feeling my heart pound
A slow steady beat,
Giving me strength to carry on.
I rose to my feet,
Looked to the horizon,
Where I knew should be.
Standing by your side,
Gazing into your eyes.
As I am now
Missing the expression
Of affection I have found
In the smile on your face
I confess
I am missing you.

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wowwwwwwwww a lovely confession 'I am missing you' -10 anjali (do read mine THE SUN)
very butiful.... hope to read more ov ur wrks