IIB (28/09/1990 / south africa)

I Am My Thoughts

I am not a pretty girl
I am not a rich either
I am not curvaceous and sexually attractive
I don’t have a body to walk ostentatiously on stage
And cheer noble crowds

I have none of the things the media expects from me
Except love respect and dignity
But today I shall tell you who I am

I am a woman whose heart burns
With joy and happiness
I am deeper and finer in my body
I don’t have an expensive lipstick or cologne
My magic beauty lies in the nature of my culture

I am my thoughts
I am myself
I am a mother
I am a sister
I am a daughter

I am the image of an African woman
Robbed of her virtue and pride
I am thirst for respect and ready to be accepted as I am
I am hungry for strength do defeat my weakness
I am naturally big in size, shape and height
I am short and wide
And I take much pleasure and pride in my disguised beauty

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