I Am No Doctor

You want the truth but dispute it.
What is it that you really wish?

'Something that doesn't fit too tight.
Yet impresses both day and night.
And also it must not offend,
With a noticable difference...
From a comfort I now daily depend.'

I see.
And you want only to hear,
What you decide to accept and believe?

'That's correct.
And I want my weekends free of stress.'

No problem.
But may I suggest one thing?


You seek to remain medicated.
With a change to a higher dosage.
And I am no doctor to deliver your request.
Nor am I seeking patience like that to find.

'I thought you said you practice truth? '

I do.
But I also live it too!
I'm not the one seeking a smooth transition.
Pain free to abuse the substance of it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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