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I Am Nobody
AKT (8-3-68 / Memphis, Tn.)

I Am Nobody

Poem By Allen Keith Turner

I'm here to see my daughter,
You slam the door in my face.
Having to deal with you,
Is why I don't come around this place.

You say 'come back next week,
I might let you see her then'.
I'm here to see her now,
But you don't ever let me in.

The gifts I send her,
You immediately throw away.
When I ask to see her,
You reply 'maybe one day'!

You won't let me in her life,
& you hate me 'cause I'm not.
You don't want my help,
& you want my love to stop!

So you move away,
I track you down,
We argue alot,
You tell me not to come around!

You raised My child to think,
I didn't ever care.
Now she hate's me,
& her life, she won't share.

To her I am nobody,
& I will never be,
The dad she needs,
or The father she wants to see! ! !

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