ME (05/31/1962 / NJ)

I Am Not Alone

I stand alone battling my sole
It is my aim to be on top of the pole
I endure each day with faith on my side
I don't care I am still standing in pride.

I have my eyes guiding me forward
I try to keep my joyful spirits onward
yet I feel so tired at times and want to cry,
But I tell myself not to close my eyes.

I have to go and find myself in a new light
You need to see my picture when it is bright
I am crying inside my solitary and waiting to see
who will come back in my life and me.

I feel sick, tired, and nervous all the time
I ask myself daily when will things be fine?
Please lie to me and say it is going to be okay
Look me straight in the eye just today.

No I will not turn away from reality
I search deep into my sole in formality
It is a positive truth and goal to maintain
The noise in my head is not in pain.

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