TÓC (22-12-1976 / Beal Atha na Slua, Chontae an Gaillimh, Eire)

I Am Not Alone, Though Alone I May Be

I am not alone, though alone I may be,
My God always is with, and watches over me,
As I each day, inthis world my way try to make,
He applauds the good I do, and scorns each mistake.

I am not alone, though alone I stand
My God stands beside me, on my shoulder is his hand,
Through good and bad, from birth, and death until,
God stands by me through my mistakes, caused by my own will.

My God I always thank, though rare it is I pray,
By being conscios of his will, I give thanks every day.
Though weeks, yes, and months indeed may pass,
I worship and celebrate my God without prayer and without mass.

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