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I Am Not An Addict
AL ( / Wollongong, Australia)

I Am Not An Addict

I am not an addict, I am not deceived
I do not hold any kind of belief
That a fag or a liquid or a pill or a potion
Are worthy from me of unquestioning devotion

I do not become anxious and rather jumpy
The ride for me is smooth, not jarring and bumpy
I do not believe that I must inhale deeply the fumes
Of a cigarette, I have never assumed

That they are of some benefit, that they give me strength
And I certainly would not go to the extraordinary lengths
Which addicts think quite normal, to get their urgent fix
Reality and fantasy are two things I never mix

To believe that mere cigarettes should rule me with absolute power
Is a belief so absurd, it leaves me with a taste most sour
I see them as they truly are, disgusting, foul, smelly sticks
My mind, thank goodness, has never in this way been tricked

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My beliefs are not absurd, I'm happily ruled with absolute power. Let them rule my body in every way, my Gods with their disgusting, and foul powers. They do not give me strength, they are my strength. I am fragile, I wheeze and cough, but they give me something to reach for. I must deeply inhale these fumes, cigarette smoke belongs in my lungs, because I am not worthy to question the will of my almighty fags.