I Am Not Like You

Some may hear words spoken.
With a nodding of heads.
As if in complete agreement.
Understanding to comprehend them,
All will sit with no one to admit...
Knowing what to them said,
To mean it meant.
In their minds kept to not forget.
Until one day it happens.
Like a ray of light.
Striking their minds with enlightenment.
After time has passed.
Trying with attempts to convince others,
To listen with undivided attention given.
Finding patience difficult to tolerate.
When obvious it becomes,
Someone nodding a head...
Doesn't understand one word to them said.

"Why are you yelling and angry at me?
What you want me to understand and comprehend,
Takes me time to get the message.
Whatever it is.
I am not like you.
Able to do that 'overnight'.
Some people are not born,
To be another Albert Einstein."

-At least you can try to better pretend,
You are listening to me.-

"Okay, okay, okay.
What's the urgency?
You act like I am wasting 'your' time.
When my time is my own to waste."

-One day,
You will learn...
How stupid your statement to make is.-

You are getting personal."

-I hope so.
God knows that is my wish.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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