I Am Not Living My Life To Impress

You will not catch me unaware,
You are prepared to strip me bare.
Thinking I live my life,
With something I wish to hide kept denied.

You will...
May find me already unclothed.
And ready to expose...
Everything with a willingness,
To show every flaw and blemish I have.

I am not living my life to impress.
I live to address my own interests.
Knowing your only wish is to see me naked!
To only have what you believe should be revealed,
Is really nothing that will create...
The excitement you anticipated.

'We did all of 'that' just to see 'this'? '

You didn't have to do 'that' to see 'this'.
As you see...
The only mystery you have kept to keep,
Is in your imagination.
So what is it you wish to call me now?
An exhibitionist?

Hopefully your kept integrity,
Will do something quick...
To avoid us from jumping to consclusions.'

You are requesting me to fully dress?

'Heavens, yes.
We would rather keep our imaginations intact.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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