(Dec 29 / Toronto)

I Am Not Orwell

I am not Orwell

No, no, no, I don't write:
'Why I write? '
That belongs to Orwell
And his kind…

Mine is mine
In my way, of my time

Time is short and I am a candle
A candle in desert, in the gust.

I must write
Must, must, must
I am in debt and must pay
I must pay all my debts
All the debts must be paid
Must, must, must

Which of you has seen where I have been?
Which of you has lived time that I did?
Which of you has been on horse, mule, camel, donkey?
These lovely animals, so called beasts…
Therefore I have to say, have to write
Must, must, must

Which of you saw camel day and night
Go round the single mount like shrine?
In centre two stones, large and round
One fixed and the other tied to pod
Extended to camel's single hump?

Which of you has seen the camel's lips big and long
Filled with foam for mating and eating cotton seed?

Such visits and the rides round the world are many
What the hell is the use taking them to grave?
I must pay all my debts; must, must, must.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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