I Am Not Ready Yet

I'm sorry.
I misunderstood your question.
I thought you asked,
If I am still embittered
And feeling animosity towards those
Who slander me and made attempts
To destroy my life
Because they objected to my creative expressions.
And tried to limit them by lieing
With an assortment of other devices used
To embarrass my family and associates to shame!

'You quoted me almost verbatim!
That's exactly what I asked.
Do you feel more at peace now?
Since it has been many years.'

Does my appearance before you,
In a strait jacket with my psychaitrist
And armed security guards give you any hints?
My most recent prognosis shows,
I am making tremendous success to retreive full sanity.

'So there has been a forgiving of sorts?
And you have a renewed outlook,
Regarding those who made such blinded attacks...
On your creativity and your approach to this expression? '

You have no idea how I have developed the taste,
To express my total and complete understanding of their deeds.
I have learned so many things about the human mind.
Its function.
And what parts of the body services other areas.

'What do you mean by that? '

I've developed a patience I never knew I had.
And can not wait until I am released.
I wish to share my new and innovative ways...
To create fulfillment.

The public? '

Let's just say...
I have been anticipating a satisfying outcome.
One that will motivate my skills.
And I love drama that thrills and excites.

No offense.
Your comments are a bit threatening.
It's as if I can feel your hands around my throat.'

You're kidding!
Thank you.
I'll have to work on that.
Because they are not suppose to be there at all.
Are you sure?
I guess I am not ready yet.
I still have more rehabilitation to do!
My new routines have yet to be perfected.
I'm developing something 'fresh' for my 'fans'.

Please take me back to my cell!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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