I Am 'Not' That Intelligent

So blessed am I to know with conviction,
I am 'not' that intelligent enough to be persuaded...
I should accept confusion as a way of life.
Or perceive I have solutions or answers to solve,
Dilemmas conflicting beliefs otehrs have adopted.
To digest a series of ongoing disappointments.
Not me.
I am not here to carry those burdens,
To account for responsibilites not mine to bear.
A good politician or diplomat I have never claimed to be.

I will acknowledge a gratefulness to having one ability.
And that has afforded me with a capability to reject,
Within seconds...
And with a doing of it to care less,
Who or whomever may object...
To whatever it is I may choose to do.
Since a seeking of an approval for the steps I take,
Has never been my 'thing' to deny or fake.
For some reason I admit the making of my mistakes.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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