I Am Not That Kind Of Vendor

I do not peddle to sell familiar flavors.
Too boring is the deed.
In fact,
Some expecting my most vivid colors
To be sweet.
Will find my tongue,
Isn't suited to the recreations of myths.

It has been long overdue to move away,
From that

What I have to sell is as it exists.
Free of long lasting preservatives
That sit to be twisted and mixed,
With no bite to excite unforgettable memories.

That is why I have chosen colors so bright,
And eye popping.

Don't you want something to taste,
That lingers
With a craving to wish for more?
Of course you do.
I'm not just going to whip anything together,
With an expectation you will be sold.
I am not that kind of vendor!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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