violence lingers silently beyond
reason's border without understanding
demanding fervent followers respond
to a charismatic fool commanding

politicians reopen borders wide
under the guise of America's dream
twisted in knots by lying lib'ral pride
for destruction's deception to redeem

interlopers from a foreign country
forego family for reassurance
of promised governmental gallantry
to open shifting doors of tolerance

searching for freedom's opportunity
throughout a land languishing divided
in order to destroy humanity
and to allow evil reign unguided

opposition's anger in rage increase
against a government out of control
almost ready for oppression's release
from a population virtue extol

when frustration flows across golden plain
to climb the highest mountain to foresee
patriots coming to destroy death's reign
and to finally overthrow D.C.

first published on, June 25,2014 
discussions #249. Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.

by Ken Gilbert

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So lovely Pia. Your poem has beauty in it's simplicity. Thank you. Simone :)
Touching.....deep and soft like a Woman!
It is is deep.. too keep yourself... from being found.....iip
great work, well done that's make me feel what u write
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