I Am Offering This Poem

I am offering this poem to you,
since I have nothing else to give.
Keep it like a warm coat,
when winter comes to cover you,
or like a pair of thick socks
the cold cannot bite through,

I love you,

I have nothing else to give you,
so it is a pot full of yellow corn
to warm your belly in the winter,
it is a scarf for your head, to wear
over your hair, to tie up around your face,

I love you,

Keep it, treasure it as you would
if you were lost, needing direction,
in the wilderness life becomes when mature;
and in the corner of your drawer,
tucked away like a cabin or a hogan
in dense trees, come knocking,
and I will answer, give you directions,
and let you warm yourself by this fire,
rest by this fire, and make you feel safe,

I love you,

It's all I have to give,
and it's all anyone needs to live,
and to go on living inside,
when the world outside
no longer cares if you live or die;

I love you.

by Jimmy Santiago Baca

Comments (23)

A very beautiful romantic poem.
Cannot stand the computer voice it spoils this poem completely -
a poem can do any thing. nice poem
This is a treasure of great humanity, what gold or diamonds cannot give, the human heart rewards a thousand times more. A wonderful poem of the day, deserved to be in the top 100
A poem being the last gift which is given to a lover, a poem having the refrain, ''I love you, '' when love is the remedy for being cold, for feeling hungry, for beauty, for mature thinking, for feeling safe, and for living inside.I voted 10.
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