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I Am Old (And Tired)
FB (1925 / Chicago)

I Am Old (And Tired)

Poem By Fred Babbin

I have had a few strange middle-of-the-night dreams/confusion with reality.

Do I dream?
Am I awake?
I close my eyes
And I am moved.

In which world am I? (Both)
It will be neither (When?)
Then I will be

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The concentration of effect could not be greater. There is nothing that does not need to be there.
Je pense, donc je suis. -Descartes Je reve, donc je ne suis pas. -Cocteau. (No, not really. But there would be some nice symmetry here if Jean had said that, mais non?) Merci, G
I love the volleying of words and the profundity lurking there in your economy of words.