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I Am One Of The Lucky Few

Leading Western politicians squabble over free trade and unwanted children die
In the distant Congo crops don't grow the ground is cracked and dry
And some waste food and money and the good life enjoy
And in the World are many powerless people and one of them is I.

In this World of the haves and have nots the have nots must lose out
They suffer at the hands of the war lords and they know what the hard life is about
Last year's crops are eaten months ago and aid not getting through
And in a World of many have nots the haves as usual few.

I am one of the lucky few I always have enough to eat
I don't ever go short of vegetables or bread or fruit or meat
I could have been a child of a Third World Country hungry all of the time
where many die as children or in their teens and few live beyond their prime.

When I think of the poor children of Countries far away
I am a lucky fellow is all that I have to say
Where people in their twenties are considered to be old
And where many die of malnutrition though their stories never told.

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