I Am Only Me

Poem By William J. Lambert

I rise in the morning before the sun,
Work hard all day, but my works never done.
You may ask who I may be, my answer is, ÒIÕm only me.Ó
I was born to my parents, their first son,
Growing to manhood I had much fun --
I grew up to a man of five foot eight inches tall,
I hope to be near, if ever you should call.
I have broad shoulders and hands that is rough,
I have a kind heart, although I may look tough.
Looking in a mirror I ask, ÒWho is that I see?Ó
An image smiles back as if saying, ÒItÕs only me.Ó

As I comb my hair I have to smile
If one can not laugh a little he is out of style
My hair once was blond but now it is grey.
My mustache gets whiter and longer each coming day.
Again you may ask, ÓWho is it you see?Ó
Well, IÕll answer back, ÒIt is only me.Ó

I have ploughed the land, never sailed the seas.
I have taken the honey, from the Honey Bees.
I love telling jokes when day is done,
In the evening, watch the setting of the sun.
I love all nature and let it be --
Because! IÕm not you, I am only me.

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