I offered drinks and nobody was thirsty
I offered oreos when they were angsty
I tried serving and their backs were on me.

sometimes I don't think before I start screaming.I'm sorry but the lecture was torturing.
sometimes I don't think before I walk around with a veil over me, mourning.I'm sorry to scare, but I was just thinking about the idea of a darker morning.

sometimes I don't think before I mumble to the doll on my arm.Don't worry, she isn't alive. I just haven't got anyone who would listen to my bitchin'.

I preferred their ignorance
I preferred them cliques
I tried having one but they weren't in my league.

Don't get me wrong, I could have carried the world on the back of me.

Just sometimes, I think nobody ever fancies what they see, the real me.

by jane lee

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I suspect the poem is much better than this translated rendition, though I understand the difficulty of trying to put Rumi's poetry into modern English.