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I Am Poet, No More No Less
BG BEAU GOLDEN (1565 / Earth, USA, California, Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Balboa blvd)

I Am Poet, No More No Less

An Assault on Obscurity is what i desire most
Be thankful for tomorrow may find you at your last
moment on Earth and at that moment
May you feel completely alive
Alive as a deer feels the moment the cars headlights shine
And it freezes in time motionlessly divine

You will stagger into that last moment
And return to your animal self
I have been there and i know
Tequila provided me with quite a show
I barely made the trip back
God sent me for a reason deep into the black
I awoke to see everything was brand new again
I knew i had finally drunk damage to my brain

Memory is the curse of our God
He allows us many choices for it's dissipation
I had chosen libation
This is how i tasted God's compassion
This is how i tasted his passion

Living now as i am a newborn and lover
Making the planet breathe through me and you
Every day you awaken you are new
Bring this feeling to life every day
Be true and you will be remembered

At this writing i remain in Obscurity
In all likelihood i shall die in Obscurity
With you as my witness i live on
All of God's power to move you i call upon now to confiscate
Not obfuscate, nor placate, nor desecrate or wait
Only to Create

To Create
To Create
He is great
I have become my ego in it's purest form
I am Poet
No more, no less

Beau Golden

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Comments (3)

wonderful words, straighforward, wish there were more like this around. ben
Beau, I applaud your sentiments, I love your title, your words play like a symphony. Your are poet, no more no less. love, Alison
A-ma-zing! I think this is one of your best.I love the subtilty of the rhyme and the imagery is brilliant... You are a poet...no more, no less.