I Am Renewed

By day break,
I awoke extremely late
There is always a new person
On such a glorious beautiful sunshine day.
Than it was at dusk
the day before.
I have taken my bath in the morning shower
A pomade of coconut oil,
I am shone like China.
I am renewed and refreshed
Walking my way as energy given in the awakening.
As a dream started because I am blessed
With anew and another bright day
Of love full of lights
Are you with me in well way of positive?
Then let your broad face cover with an hibiscus of smiles
And a heart of jucund joy full heart of happiness
I pulsating is my mind of abundant joy, I am going on
All my daily activities.I am living my dreams and you?

Copyright © Felix Emeka George | 20 Jul 2017

by Felix Emeka George

Comments (3)

A nice poetic imagination, Felix. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks.
I am living my dreams - great way of life indeed! I am shone like China. - to shine like China! is it an idiom in your native Nigeria? what does it mean? lear it for the first time. We don't have such a saying or idiom in Russia. Interesting!
Lovely! Keep writing..