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On The Fly-Leaf Of Manon Lescaut
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

On The Fly-Leaf Of Manon Lescaut

Poem By Walter Learned

I Am thought and the universe became
A Creators creation, in purpose and claim
The beginning contained a birth and an end
Benevolent giver of gifts; 'I Am would send'.

A sun as first creative gift of love
Sign of compassionate giver and protector of the dove.
Water was the essence of belief
A gift which can also mirror; sorrow and grief.

The creation of man came forth out of a thought
Sacred was the mind but the body was not.
Continuities selection only by 'I AM' of the holy voice
The universal God creator one, sancioned the gift of choice.

Birth was a time for each to rejoice.

Continuation of time under universal control
Eternity to be home for our mindful soul
Humanity is singular yet each part; of the whole
Purpose and reason our primary goals.

Life had a beginning and in many ways
The Creator sanctioned the firmanment in three days.
A place was made perfect with everything intact
Every star a diamond of light, on a sea of black..

The mirror of universal love exposed
Resident within the soul reposed.
Free will, choice, conscience and others
Lifetime gifts; for earth's sisters and brothers.

The seed and egg to bind together
As with the promise into the land of forever.
Moment to moment our history to make
God's gift of light for us and the children's sake.

10-14-05 Aho Speaks

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