TS (05 April 1985 / Tezpur)

I Am Sad

No bird sing well today
The flowers aren't attracting anymore
No friend to talk about today
The work isn't interesting anymore

I hate every word that reminds me past
No fun left to enjoy the span
I fear of all the talks that remain incomplete since last
No peace I can observe in this zen

I am addicted to failures these days
How success looks I can't remember
I am sad these days
How I'll smile this December!

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Comments (4)

I am reminded of King Bruce and the spider, Easily was inspired by the back slipping rider. After nine defeats he reorganised his armies, At last victorious, his spirits he didn't sqeez.
we all get those days...hang on you will smile sooner than december
Accept the fact that man suffers sadness.... and joy too, in time1 High marks.
More days to come, just wait and pray, a great blessing will pour down...Nice piece.