I Am Sorry

Day, with its bright sun
its cheery attitude.
I am sorry I am mot perfect,
and cannot be all you want.
Leave your brave courage
in the toilet, rewind your
selfish ego, don’t fast forward
to the past.
Day, with its swaying breeze
I am sorry trees, I do not
Sway as you do. I am sorry
i could not meet you halfway
under the maple, my leaves
were falling to quickly,
Day, with its busy folks
I am sorry I cannot fly away
with you to the universe
of simple love.
I am sorry I do not
have metal wings
to fly to your paper moon

by Pam Morris

Comments (1)

Well another piece that makes me think...I love that it opens the mind and is imagery full! Don't be sorry you have talents different then the ones U speak of in this poem...U have the abilty to write and to make the reader think. Take care of U =Shelley=