I Am Sorry

My dear heart, I am sorry for hurting you
you bore too much pain because of me
I stored all my grieves in you and
always patted you with apathy
I gave you so much hurt to bear
I am the reason for my devastation and
yet I blamed you.

My dear love, I am sorry for losing you
You loved me so much to death
I showed you the path to love but
couldn't lead you there
I coloured your eyes with hues of green
I raised your spirits to the skies and
left you landless.

My dear life, I am sorry for leaving you behind
you gave me the reality I ever needed and
wore your name over my blank face
I ignored you whenever we came across
I spent you in an uncertain way
where shadows hung over
the truth of your existence.

My dear soul, I am sorry for denying your presence
you called me many times in your lap
to give me lullabies to a deep sleep
yet I refused to close my eyes to an enchanting dream
I wondered behind all the time
I rushed with the pace of time to catch my dreams
I ran after unfaithful desires to live with

Oh dear me! I am left alone now
pondering over my existence,
I shall have no one to shoulder my sorrows,
I deserve no one and no one deserves me,
for I never kept promises nor been faithful to myself,
So shall I die alone in the vagueness of this verdict
till death comes to hold me in its arms lifeless!

by Asma Khan

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May Allah gives you better than you wish. Amazing poem!