WL (11/24/1949 / Staten Island, New York)

I Am Sure

Say goodbye to uncertainty
Whenever you’re unsure
Rid yourself of all self doubt
And think of less as more
We build upon each moment
As time slowly ticks away
It all comes from within
making the most of this day
Our life a million yesterdays
So many memories
Visit them for what they teach
Let them put your mind at ease
Leave the scars of your past
Slowly walk away
Smile for all the good times
That have brought you to this day
Each day a precious lesson
With all the things we learn
Let the passion of our existence
Be the fire that we burn
May our thoughts be kindled
With inspirations all unbound
Where the treasure that lies within
Surely will be found
Let each moment guide you
Filling your life with love
Sharing the gifts you’re given
And the blessings from above
Embrace each morning sunrise
while greeting a brand new day
breathe deep and feel the wonder
of the things life brings our way

by William Lindenmuth

Comments (2)

a precious lesson woven between well written lines - 'say goodbye and walk away'. ...who would not want to find the strength to walk into a sunshine tomorrow, yet.? ...Cindy
beautiful absolutely beautiful