I Could Be

I could be-
The widow next door
Hit me less- darling husband
The cab driver that brings you to death
Speak calmly-my passenger

I could be- know
The waitress that poisons your food
Act politely- our dear customer
The nurse that cause your skin to wear
Be patient- our patient

Yes I could be-
The nanny that drowns your child
Be delicate- my beautiful employee
Or the cleaner that steals your priceless proposal
Art me kind –words, my boss

Yes I could be too-
The ugly girl that put acid in your face
Have courteous- comeliest acquaintance
The nerd in glasses that cause you blind
Leave be- you healthy bully

And be and be
The boy who killed you sire-
Do kindness- rich man of the estate
Or the poor boy that becomes Osama
Don’t make me an orphan- you better people

Yes I can be and could be also
That stone that cut deep your feet
Pick me from the pathway-
Or the mosquito that vectors your death
Throw this stagnant water from-

Yes I could be
That bridge that devoured you
Call ye the engineers to me now-
The flood that art you homeless
Grow a tree my beloved-

by Adeosun Olamide

Comments (3)

wow a great point of view
Love the language you use in this one, very, very good! Reminds me somewhat of my favorite writer, Frederick Buechner, words of a flowing-mystic, comprised of wonder and awe. Exquisite.
Very important philosophical issue. It is just so unlikely to be born. Can you imagine if anyone of the millions of our ancestors (we have two parents,4 grand parents, then 8 great grand parents, then 16... and so it goes exponentially up) would have died in childhood by accident or disease, we would not have been here! ! To chance to be here alive as a human is indeed soooooo small. And yet, we tend to make it sometimes so miserable for ourselves. You are perfectly right, Patti, Enjoy the miracle of living every second.