I Am That Type

Sometimes in life we may have to regret
And sometimes are quick to argue
We may at times fight …but one thing for sure…
I-am… that type
The very being whom you have come to know
The very being-you… have to know
And at times fight, sometimes….

Sometimes we may speak harsh words
That devour deep into the flesh
Tearing you apart mentally as if you were some old rugged clothes
Words that I speak…
I-am… that type
Though, those words maybe even strong, that instead of… making you breathe,
They may make you close your mouth, close your nose…weaken you
Simply, they make you to stop …
Yes as you …try to hide from the stinky words from me
Mocking you
Of how weak you are
How bad you are …
It is just me

Am not a mistake am just that type
Of a guy
Who instead of crying I shout
Instead of raising my arm on you
Hold it back
I …sadly talk as if…
Are a devil
And yet I-am the devil
When I…
Talk ill of…
When I…
Talk things that…
Sting, sting, stung
Stick, stuck and stack
You, your heart, your emotions and thoughts in that order
And maybe not in that order but…

Just don't let go of it
It's me
Am that type
Forgive me, yes
But teach me…to be tender
And please be the bender,
Of my rigid heart and life
Fold it
Be bold,
Fold, mold it into a shape that you want it to be
Because I am…
I-am just that type
I can be molded into whatever a being that could make you happy
That kind of a person who would not just let go
Because am that kind of guy who does not just give up for what's worthy it
So, we…fight
Because I am that kind of guy

The kind of guy, who loves you so much …
That I would have gone to such extents…
I wasn't thinking straight maybe…
I-am that type
Of guy
Who would, could, should …
Change… for you
Am just that kind to….
Kick, tick, tick, lick…
Kick-The enemies,
Tick- the clock of your weaknesses,
Tick- the wrongs right…and…
Lick-problems off you
I would be that type
The type that would really love you
Do everything that is right
To keep you happy
To show you love
To respect you
Because I am that type that…
Have learnt to do you right…
To change for you

I am that type of guy.

by Emmanuel Arunee Mwanza

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