I Am The All The Movies' Heroes And Heroines

Poem By john tiong chunghoo

i was a country boy
theatre was my life
and the country lanes my stage
the obliging country folks my audience.
day in day out i am all action in the lanes
bursting out with lines from the movies,
walking in the styles of tarzan,
Chinese swordsfighters, ballet stars,
james bond, snow white, the seven dwarfs, mickey mouse, donald duck, bruce lee, and even dainty Chinese heroines.
times and again, after school, our neighbourhood would be abuzz with our
swordsfighting contest;
our teams fought with hands karate-styled
and those striken at apart from the hands
and arms were considered losers.
brothers all joined in this fun
which became the climax of our country days.
schools were boring.
our parents must be very glad that
we did not have spider men then
or else they would have to talk us into
not jumping from buildings.
and songs were my prime interest. not elvis
or even cliff richard who were one generation away from me but those chinese
singers with their quivering voices - male and female included.
the country fields and shops were all my songs in contralto, tenor and suprano
cheering up friends of all ages,
some imbibing me the ideas of becoming
a star fueling a crazy dream that has
gone spiralling in my mind ever since.
sisters who could not put up with
my hyper activities told me quite tactly
they were not interested in my hobbies.
so i turned to my country friends who
were all praises for my copycat talents.
and now in my forties, i have to admit
of the dizzy effects all these dreams
have brought me.
the childhood characters and dreams continue
living on in me, albeit in silence
but often coming out with equal intensity and joy in poems..
how glad i am of this writing venture
as i could keep those dreams and characters alive....Oh, this country joy!

used as material for University of Virginia, United States as film course

Comments about I Am The All The Movies' Heroes And Heroines

Some grammatical issues, but a substantive piece - very nice.

2,5 out of 5
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