I Am The Artist

I painted my life
The force of the black color,
I distilled it in one delicadíssima night cream
to give the deserved nocturnal rest to me
The red that followed me, I waited, patiently.
E I converted them into pretty buttons of roses to decorate my steps

The blue one that they were the empty nights,
I stuffed them of the prettiest stars
In a lace to consolidate my steps in a pretty serenata of light
In the sea of joys the blue one esverdeou
in a hope ocean affection, words candies of much love

I woke up for the life in a layer of light, clear and clear
That it says me: He walks son mine,
I am with you, and I do not abandon you
Light that illuminates my heart, and does not abandon me
It does not only leave me, it hugs me and it makes me prosperous

Lagrimas that drained my face, had been dried,
I am happy, pain will not be able to wound me more,
Ungratefulness, disdain, abandonment had run away from my presence
Therefore I, am the craftsman, who paints my life
Therefore I am the author, who translates light the power of the creation.

by Carlos Donizeti

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