(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

I Am The Best Of, That I Am

To be a doctor
Oh It made it lame.
To be a schoolteacher
Just wasn't my aim.
To Be some great philospher
Was not my game.
Oh but Ma
Thank God.
That I Am
The Best Of
That I Am.

Mama I knew you always
Wanted the very best for me.
And to have me known
Across the land
And the sea.
But somewhere deep down inside
What you wanted threw away
What I felt inside
And what you wanted
Wasn't enough for me.

So I searched
And I searched
For a long long time
Thinking to be above someone
Would be totally all in my mind.
So I decided, decided
Decided to be.
That that was best for me
And that was
To Be The Best Of That I Am.

I didn't mean to bring
The family or you to shame
But I can love everybody
High, low,
Rich or poor
All the same
And not expect
Some big name
Or have my picture
Taken to some Hall Of Fame.
I shout, I rejoice,
Everyday of my life
Simply because
I Am The Best Of That I Am.

Before you become
Confused or Perplexed
Simply because
You can't live
Up to some family name.
Don't let it trick your mind
And not let your light shine.
So you shoot your shot
Gve to life all you got
To be the best that you are
Give to life all you've got.
Say to yourself
Lord I will do it...
Because only I Am the Best Of That I Am.

* This poetry is only about being your best from your own perspective.

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